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Why is reading an important part of clairvoyant training?

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Why give Clairvoyant Readings?

Giving Clairvoyant Readings is an Important part of Clairvoyant Training. Yet, sometimes students resist the readings!

For many students, what first comes up around reading is “being correct or incorrect.” But when we say hello to the soul’s journey, “right and wrong” or “good and bad” just don’t apply. The Clairvoyant reading we give happens in a different zone then that. Let me try to explain:

A clairvoyant reading for the person receiving it, as well so those giving it, is an adventure in discovering the Self.

What Really Happens in a Clairvoyant Reading

Why give Clairvoyant Readings? We often can’t see the forest through the trees and we don’t find where we are stuck until we see it in someone else. By the time we’ve seen it in the reading….We  are able to move past it, and then able to clear it in ourselves. This allows us to get back that part of our life force energy that was frozen in the place we were stuck.

The person receiving the reading has a life changing experience. It becomes not about being precise or accurate, and it’s not about being wrong either. It is about exploring image, colors and patterns of movement, and finding the frozen rivers of energy or consciousness. WE get to break the ice so they move free and clear again.

Each of us has a tremendous amount of life force energy, I mean volumes of it! When we attach some of it to an image or emotion or event that is no longer present, not true or doesn’t serve us – then life force energy gets stuck there and is no longer available to us. In the course of a reading, this energy gets freed up from many camping places and returns to us. The person receiving the reading watches the readers liberate themselves from the stuck energy and get energized. The movement inspires them, and they can start moving energy too. Thus, every person involved gets a little more light, energy and freedom.

So you see, the reading is a process, an adventure. Each reading is its own land of wonder, healing, and soul recognition. The validation we receive when someone reaches across all the waves of energy (and possibly isolation too!) to say: “Hello I see you’ – this can change everything! It is a potent awakening, a huge portal of light. This is vibrant communication and an invitation to a new channel in the river of life. Everyone involved wins; everyone involved takes a step.

Clairvoyant Reading is the Real Training

Clairvoyant training without the reading is like learning mountain climbing but never actually climbing a mountain. It’s like learning to run marathons without ever running. Or like studying the theory of dance but never dancing. Could you learn math without ever doing an equation? If you discussed the concept of love, would you ever know what it really is to be loving? We provide important classes in clairvoyant training, but without the readings you won’t reclaim the energy you’ve left in the past, or in stuck images and illusions. You don’t get more aware unless you actually climb the mountain; you don’t get more clear without actually running the marathon. The fog won’t lift unless you actually dance, the wisdom wont settle unless you solve the equation, and the love won’t reach your heart unless you move with it and trust it is taking you somewhere you need to go.

This is why reading is an important part of our training programs.

The Founder of this work, Lewis Bostwick, said “the classes are humoring you, the readings are where the real clairvoyant event is happening.”

Come join us. Whether you receive a reading, or whether you are a beginning student joining the clairvoyant training program  – you are in for the journey of a life time.

Ready for a Clairvoyant Reading?

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