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Why choose The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii?

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Why choose the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii? That’s a great question!

Lewis Bostwick (the founder of this type of training; crossed over now) trained some fantastic people. While I can’t speak for what other Clairvoyant schools are doing, I can tell you why the Clairvoyant Center is an amazing school and why you might want to participate in this school.

The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii is creating and maintaining a sanctuary of learning, growth, healing and awareness for the developing soul.

Our founder, Lisa French, was trained by Lewis Bostwick who originated this work. Our agreement at the Clairvoyant Center is to hold within our teachings and our records as much of the original curriculum as possible. This original material is priceless.

Lots of people have learned this curriculum and changed it to be more palatable, to reflect their own ideas or just because they want to be original. That’s all fine, but someone has to preserve the original material. If each person tweaks it 5 to 30 percent then it gets watered down and ultimately becomes something else. The essential core teachings get lost. Lewis Bostwick said: “Don’t change the curriculum because it works” He’s right, it does. Each teacher brings to it, their own style, vibration, information, stories, experience and essence. This curriculum allows for a huge level of expression and freedom. Each teacher presents it their own way, but the core of the teachings and the structure and framework they are presented in is consistent.

Our Teachers Receive Rigorous Training

We often have people contact us about our 3 year comprehensive Clairvoyant Teachers Training. There are generally two reactions. One is “no way, I want it in 6 months to a year!” The other is, “oh that’s great, I will have amazing training”. Here’s the thing: Rome was not built in a day. Clairvoyant teaching is a vast field. We don’t simply teach people how to teach the curriculum, we teach them how to handle their own growth, the challenges, pitfalls and exaltation that comes with teaching.

We teach our students how to keep growing as they teach. They learn about the seductions of praise, of power, of the ego and more. We teach them how to work with their own dark side so it doesn’t eek out and ooze into the students. We teach them how to be on their path. Students explore the 7 major world religions and how to work with these systems. Our students learn how not to get hypnotized, how not to compete or compensate. We teach them how to find compassion and kindness but how to honest and not allow anyone to hurt others. We teach them all this and more. So yes, it takes three plus years to fully integrate the curriculum.

It’s Really About You

You can attend our school knowing that your teachers, even those that seem very soft and humble are wise. They are not arrogant, they are generous. Our teachers are not self-seeking. They know how to set an energy that allows you space to be you and to attain your own information, your own truth and to discover how to live on your path and laugh more often.

*A three year program weeds out those who are in it for the wrong reasons and we bring to you sincerity, integrity and purity of curriculum.

These are just a few of the reasons our school is special, unique, safe, well structured and full of opportunities for magic.

Try a Class!

If you’re curious about learning Clairvoyance or wondering why you might choose the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii, take a class and have an experience! You can learn about our upcoming events here.

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