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What’s the difference between telepathy and clairvoyance?

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Telepathy vs Clairvoyance – What’s the Difference?

It’s very interesting to look at different psychic and spiritual abilities and understand the dynamics of how they work. Each of us is gifted with these abilities, it’s part of our spiritual anatomy As much as it’s part of most of our physical anatomy to have two legs, two arms, two ears etc. Telepathy vs Clairvoyance. First let’s look at telepathy:

Telepathy is located in your throat chakra. There are channels that go from your throat chakra up into your ears, your forehead and around your eyes. Telepathy is the process of sending and receiving thought transmissions from other people. Most of us do this unconsciously but it’s certainly possible for it to be a conscious ability. For some people it is a conscious ability, and for many people it happens somewhat sporadically.

How Telepathy Works

Have you ever just started thinking about somebody and how you need to talk to them…. and then the phone rings and its them? Or a text? Or they are at the door? You just heard that person saying hello to you and then there they are! That’s always fun…. unless you were thinking about the person and how you didn’t want to talk to them and then they called. Ha ha. It’s still telepathy; You received a message that they were thinking about you and sending you some sort of communication.

A lot of people are nervous about telepathy because we would like our thoughts to be private. You might be comforted to know that most of the time it works because somebody is intent on sending a thought to another person. With telepathy it works best with somebody sending and somebody receiving. However there are people who are overly receptive and somewhat overwhelmed by other people’s thoughts.

An example of this might be somebody walking down the street feeling very cheerful. However they are an extremely receptive telepath who doesn’t know how to manage the ability. They walk past somebody who’s very unhappy and depressed, who is thinking very negative thoughts. A moment later they receive these thoughts and they suddenly go from cheerful and happy to thinking all kinds of doom and gloom and their worst possible scenarios. That can be uncomfortable!

Learn to Manage Your Telepathic Ability

If we are uncomfortable with telepathy, it us completely possible to learn how to manage it! Good news, right? We can each learn how to either turn our telepathic abilities down, or turn them up! We teach this in our Clairvoyant training at the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii and sometimes we do specialty workshops on this topic! The prerequisite is usually our basic Clairvoyance 101 + 102 classes.

How Clairvoyance Works

Now, you’re wondering when I’m going to get to the difference between telepathy vs clairvoyance? I have a funny story for you. When I was 19, I had two girlfriends that I grew up with and we really wondered if psychic communication worked? We were uneducated and didn’t know the difference between telepathy and Clairvoyance or any of the other psychic abilities. We decided to do an experiment. Our goal was to send and receive communication to each other. We didn’t know what we were doing but we were in great enthusiasm about our experiment.

Two nights a week at a designated time, one of us would be the sender and the other two of us would be the receiver. We decided to keep it really simple and just try to make the message we sent one thing. For example: in one instance, I decided to focus on a piece of fruit, a very simple message. My message was to be an orange. I made a picture of an orange and I thought really hard about 🍊 oranges! I remember that I had a hard time thinking the word and I just thought it was better to make the picture. So I really focused for about half an hour on a picture of an orange, of sending that picture of an orange to my two friends.

The next day when the three of us communicated, my two friends had both received the picture of an orange and they said they got such a stimulating image of an orange, That they felt that they had to go and eat one! They weren’t really sure if this was my message but they were so overwhelmed that they had to stop focusing and go eat an orange. Once they found out that that was my message, we were all very excited. It was extremely validating! Now this particular experiment became Clairvoyant, because i was making an image and they were receiving a picture. They did not get a thought or word, they got a picture.

This is the difference, telepathy vs clairvoyance: Clairvoyance works with images or pictures. Telepathy works with words and thoughts. If we receive a sentence from somebody, or a hello, that’s telepathy. It comes in through our throat chakra. If we receive an image that’s Clairvoyance and it comes in through the third eye. It’s a similar dynamic, if you hear a sound it comes into your ears, if you receive a fragrance it comes in through your nose. Your body receives information through your five senses and your spirit receives information through your seven major chakras. Telepathy is the fifth chakra or throat chakra. Clairvoyance is at the six chakra or third eye.

In case you wonder, my friends and I did many experiments and we had many successes. We did find that the more relaxed we were about it, the easier it worked. If we sat there with too much effort and we were distracted by other things or just trying to focus too hard, it usually didn’t work so well. If we just relaxed and had some fun, it got pretty effective. In some other blogs, I’ll tell you stories about some of our other successful experiments!

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