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Audio: Rev. Lisa French Talks about Rev. Lewis Bostwick

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The following is a transcription of Rev. Lisa French, founder of the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii, talking about her mentor, Rev. Lewis Bostwick, who is the founder of the Clairvoyant curriculum as taught through the Clairvoyant Center. This 8-minute audio was recorded at the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii’s Annual Lake Tahoe retreat, Sunday, October 7th, 2018.


This is unedited as a transcription of the audio:

Good morning!

We’re kind of drifting in, huh? Yeah. How’s it going? Are you awake? Sunday? Ready to walk through a wall?

Sometimes I think it’s great to hear stories about how all this started.

(Lisa points to her microphone) And by the way, have you seen the latest in Clairvoyant accessories? This is my… I’m wired. Very sophisticated!

So Lewis… you guys have all heard of Lewis right? Lewis Bostwick who started the Clairvoyant work. I think it’s really important.

I think it’s really important to give recognition to the people it came from, you know? And Lewis put all this together. An amazing Spirit. He died – passed over – it was ’95, maybe ’94. He was about 75. And he grew up in the 20s and 30s in Oakland, California.


Growing Up in Oakland

Rev. Lewis Bostwick
Rev. Lewis Bostwick

I grew up in Oakland and Berkeley too. I actually grew up just a few blocks from where Lewis started the Clairvoyant training and I didn’t know him yet in the body. But the energy was going on down the street. There was a lot of energy going on then. That was during the Vietnam war. There was a lot of, you know, crazy stuff was happening on the planet. It was a great time for clairvoyance to erupt into a mainstream idea because when Lewis started this everything was very esoteric as far as spirituality ran. It was all under the table.

And Lewis had been studying a lot of things all his life. And he came to a certain point where everybody was so serious. So I understand some of the reasons that they kept some of this stuff under the wraps is because people can misuse it. And it’s important to have integrity when you are a powerful being. Because you know, some people don’t!

And so he learned all this stuff and then he went, “I’m gonna go start me at kindergarten. I’m going to take this and I’m gonna go teach people to do this with joy and a childlike sense of fun and some clarity and some Grace,” and so he started to teach anybody who wanted to know.

Anyway, when Lewis started he was growing up in Oakland. As you know, in many big cities there are all these varied ethnic neighborhoods. Like he would walk through the Mexican district and he would sit there and read all the pictures and he would smell the food and hear the music. And he would recognize the vibration, right?

He was a very Clairvoyant kid and his mom didn’t block him. She encouraged it. So he’d walk through the next neighborhood – oh! A Chinese neighborhood.

So he’d see all the Chinese family pictures, you know, what was going on and he would go through each of these different ethnic neighborhoods and they each have different music and different food smells and different family pictures.

He was fascinated by the colors and the frequencies and the energy of all these different places and he just thought it was the most fun place in the world to grow up because there was such a huge variety of people.

It’s just such you know – Oakland – yeah, such a huge place to just kind of learn and grow and evolve and I can’t even imagine what it was like in the 20s and 30s. Wow!

But he learned to be really Clairvoyant and really develop that ability. His mom’s friends would come over and he used to get himself in trouble. He said one time they were having tea, this lady came over and she was really freaked out. She was having tea with Louis’s mom, and he looks at her and says, “When is the baby coming?” She wasn’t married!

So he kind of grew up with a lot of permission for Clairvoyance and he messed with it for a long time and he studied all kinds of things.


Starting the First Clairvoyant Center

He was actually about 50 when he started a Clairvoyant Center, first of all in Berkeley, and started training people. At first he’d have like 30 – 40 people would come in, you know, all these crazy people.

But he didn’t charge them anything because yeah, he just wanted everyone to have it. But then they’d get distracted and they go do this and they would hit a pain picture, you know, they’d be gone. So he said, “I’m going to charge them money.” He didn’t need any at the time because he ran some businesses, right? So he’d already made his money. He was getting ready to retire and he wanted to do his spiritual thing. So he started charging them and found that when he charged them, they’d all keep coming! Funny thing about that, right?

And then everybody would go into this building in Berkeley and they just started laughing and having so much fun. And finally the cops are like, “What are they doing in there? Must be some kind of drug den!”  So then they started sending the cops in to take the classes – undercover cops, right? And the teachers are like, “Uh-huh. Okay, great – let them take the class!”

So they would come in and take the class and then start liking it, you know? And a couple of times Lewis came in and he found a couple of them sneaking into the office going through the files and stuff,  and looking around trying to figure where the drugs were because why would all these young people go into the building and coming out laughing?

They finally sent in the chief of police. Because all the other cops would come out having a good time saying, “They’re not doing anything illegal!”

It was just this whole era and that’s kind of where this work comes from. Yeah, finally Louis sat down and he busted the chief of police and said, “I know who you are. You want to have lunch?” So they went out to lunch! It was really great.


You Have the Answers

So Lewis has a strong presence in the dream time. And one of the things I love about Lewis is he always says to each of us –

(I’m gonna cry, it just moves me so much!!)

“You have the answer! It’s in you! You have it. I don’t have it for you. I can show you a vibration. I can show you tools. You know, I can show you all these things, but it’s in YOU.”

Rev. Lisa French, founder of the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii
Rev. Lisa French, Founder of the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii

Do you know how many Spiritual teachers will take your power from you, and how fast they’ll take it?  The goal that Lewis set here – it’s giving it back to you. Don’t give me your power. Don’t give anyone your power! Get it back and use it and teach other people to do the same. And that’s what Lewis is still holding the energy for. That just moves me every day because I know a lot of people who aren’t doing that, and it breaks my heart. Because the opportunity of what we can do –

( I usually start crying at least once!  And you know, it’s okay. Because it’s real.)

So it’s an amazing thing to be able to get your power back and not give it to anyone ever. And that’s what Lewis sets the energy for every day. Some pretty profound stuff.

And if any one of you decides you want to go teach this – do it!  And if any of you decide you want to come up here someday – do it! I’m happy to sit in the back row. I’ll come up and tell some stories and do some energy work, but Laura and I aren’t going to hog this thing up. Go anywhere in the world and teach people because there’s people everywhere who are waking up and they want this so badly and there’s too many people out there taking their power. “Let me just push your buttons and all their buttons are pushed! I’ll fix you! I have your answers!”

Nobody has your answers. They’re in you. I think so many people are invalidated because they just don’t know how to get them. And they’re stuck somewhere in The Labyrinth. They’re trapped and they just got so much goo all over them. And so they just kind of give up and they think maybe somebody else has it because, ” I don’t! I’m so invalidated! I don’t have it. I’m so invalidated. Maybe one of you has it, right? Who can I find, who?”

Do you know how many people I’ve read who said, “I just need to go find someone who’s going to tell me everything.” And I say, “No. You need to find yourself and use your crown Chakra and then know everything because everything is available to you. Everything.”

Everything is available to you. Everything. It’s just finding enough space within you to have it.

So! Let’s start our lecture now. You can close your eyes…


When Lisa says it is all available to you:

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