Using Images to Transform Any Aspect of Your Life: Live from Lake Tahoe

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An audio download of a Clairvoyant Workshop taught by Founder, Rev. Lisa French, live from the annual Clairvoyant Retreat in Lake Tahoe
Duration: 1 hour & 46 minutes

A picture is worth a 1,000 words? More like 10,000! If you watch a sun set, you experience a vast communication complex of visions, sensations, feelings and more. It’s truly indescribable. If you say: “ I saw a wonderful sunset” it’s like saying the word “ocean,” versus experiencing the ocean!

When we want to transform any area in our lives, an image is a very potent way to do this! If you show yourself a picture of yourself, radiant with happiness, You will get much further then if you simply say, “I am happy.”

Clairvoyance is the name of the clear seeing part of our spiritual anatomy. It’s located in the area of the Third Eye: it’s the eye of spirit. It allows us to create and to receive visual communication. That communication could be with another person, your body, your higher self, an aspect of life, etc…it’s clear, profound and effective.

There is no language barrier with images. If you see a beam of light and someone who speaks a different language sees it too….you both recognize this wonderful light. If you say, “beam of light” only certain people who know the same language recognize this. And even when they do…it may be get stuck in the mind rather than the experience that a beam of light provides. . The same goes for the language of the soul! Your body understands images better then words, so does your spirit, your higher self, animals, your creations and the light beings. It’s a great language to create a life with!

Learning clairvoyance, is learning the language of color and images….a powerful language that transcends cultures, vocabularies, emotions, challenges, etc.

During this workshop, we will practice 6 ways to play with the language of the soul…all of which help you to transform, heal, shift and grow different areas in your life, including: your connection to your environment, emotional being, your vital energy, self love & happiness, communication, knowing your truth & having your answers….as well as in areas like: career, love life, various relationships & so much more.

Because we are considering transformation – we will work with a spirit ally, the Phoenix. This magnificent spirit bird will aid us in our process. The thing about transforming anything is that we have to let go of the old and allow the change. This can be hard….we often learn to hold on for dear life!

Let us say that transformation can certainly happen in the physical world! Yet it need not mean you are moving or changing jobs or partners, or….unless you want it to! Often it is in perception, in how we approach an aspect of life and how we see ourselves. This is very RICH!

The Phoenix has the incredible skill of dying and then….being reborn! The death is really a dissolution of what hasn’t been working. It’s humbling and if we can allow ourselves to do it, it’s astounding! From the letting go comes a rebirthing of ourselves, out of the ashes…a resurrection. The rebirth is so wonderful it is well worth the death! It’s glorious, colorful, it’s full of astonishing music, movement and joy beyond belief. Let’s take that back into our lives!

We will learn, grow and question. We will do some meditations and some visual journeys and for, each we will bring back amazing treasures we can incorporate into our lives every day! Expect to have some new tools and tricks with using images in every day life to attain your goals, your self and get answers!

Join us, as we approach various areas of our lives and supported by the Phoenix and the language of imagery… we will create many new openings, opportunities and wonders on our paths.