The Teachings of the Unicorn: A Discovery in Shamanic Healing and Wisdom, Part 1

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Taught by Rev. Lisa French


The willingness to heal your heart & honor a unicorn.

The unicorn is one of the most wonderful of all healing creatures.

During this workshop we will each take an inner journey and receive our own unicorn.
Yes! A unicorn who will be willing to work with you

We will go to the place where they await you and you will learn what they need and what they have to offer.
Unicorns are very sensitive and we will each learn how to work within the vibration of purity that they live in.

Why have a Unicorn?

* They are able to Provide you with Tremendous Healing.

* They help you to raise your vibration & so achieve more of what you want as you can more easily attract it.

* He or she becomes a guide to the inner worlds as well as the lower world; they can take you places you can’t access without them.
Unicorns hold the key codes to many sacred places, of healing, awakening & discovery; they can take you there.

* Unicorns help us find our innocence, our purity and thus they help us heal our hearts.
Many of us are walking around with wounded or partially broken hearts.
The unicorn is a heart healer;
* Contained in their horns is the medicine that can bring each of us to a state of unity & wholeness.

They help us find tremendous waves of grace!
They can lead us into dimensional shifts where all the grace that is or was or ever will be are right there and ready to feed us
With light, love and well-being.
It may look like the Northern lights and feed our souls and our bodies deeply.

Unicorns can lead us to the wells of peace.

These places free us of anxieties fears, worries pain and so much more.
We are able to step out of the world of self indulgence and discover a bigger place.

Unicorns are healers and teachers of clairvoyance or clear seeing with the third eye.
Their horns are filled with a power & a light that opens the 6th chakra and allows us to see better
and better and better; astounding clarity can come of working with the unicorn.

They are offering a lot! What must we give in exchange?

We must choose to be pure in our intent and honor their trust.

They will go away if we are mean or play power games, are unkind or withhold communication; so they are a barometer. We won’t be able to find them if we become our dark side. This helps us know that we have lost ourselves and gives us incentive to come back to center, where we can walk once again, the trails of the inner world with our unicorns.

We will each learn how to honor, protect and cherish the gift of the unicorn which is an honor of the highest water. That fact that they are choosing to come forth at this time, tells us that we very much need them and that we are ready to take this leap…that they are ready to trust us again. Lets be kind, gentle and loving with them and they will guide us through life’s storms and bring us to the heart of it all.


We will discover how to move with the inner river and receive great healing.
Come join us to heal and open your heart to an enchanting land that can support you each day on this earth.


Lisa French; Founder of Magic Isle and the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii. Clairvoyant Teacher for over 35 years. Lisa also has a degree in shamanic arts and has been active in that field for the last 20 years.

Part 2 builds on Part 1, and is also available by Audio Download!