September Meditation Service – Free

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September 22nd, 2020 at 5:00pm Pacific

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Letting Go & Finding the Balance Within

Join us for this free 30 minute Clairvoyant Meditation led by Rev. Monica Pappe
No meditation experience needed; no Clairvoyant experience needed. Everyone is welcome.

Tuesday, September 22nd
2pm Hawaii / 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern
30 minutes

Each of us has an inner center of balance. But sometimes life can get wobbly and uncertain, and we lose our equilibrium! We especially lose our balance when we’re carrying too much. It’s hard to find balance when we’re taking on more than is necessary! As we let go of the burden of all the things we’ve been carrying or managing, we’re able to effortlessly return to the balance within. We can find our center again, and have inner confidence for the way forward.

Join us for this simple guided meditation to let go of burden, and find the effortless place of balance within!

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