Sacred Scotland 2020: A Clairvoyant Pilgrimage – SOLD OUT

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May 1st, 2020 at 5:00pm Pacific

Registration through Magic Isle

SOLD OUT. This event is hosted by our sister organization, Magic Isle. When you click the button below you will be taken to the Magic Isle website for more information about this tour.

Sacred Scotland 2020: Unveiling the Heart of the Stones
A Magic Isle Tour in May 2020

All spots for this voyage are now full.

Prerequisites: Clairvoyance 101+102

We will Travel through the magnificent & rugged beauty of ancient Scotland. You will Touch the Sacred Stones that allows the land to open pathways in your heart & to your souls greatest creativity; as you take the journey of a lifetime.

The stones and the land provide a unique opportunity for you to reconnect the light filaments in your own body and through the stones to the source of all.

Scotland contains a potent mystic imprint… One merely needs to visit, to begin to open inner gateways. Each of us has a story, well, we have many. Some of our stories have been shrouded in the mists, creating confusion & incomplete answers… In Scotland, we will find our stories, we will pour starlight into them and infuse them with starlight. With the return of our stories comes a certain wholeness. With the return of wholeness comes completeness and the awakening of the potential for a full light spectrum in our subtle bodies.