Rebirthing Ourselves in the Collective Pause

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An audio download of a Clairvoyant Workshop taught by Founder, Rev. Lisa French
Recorded on April 30, 2020
Duration: 1 hour & 33 minutes

Rebirthing Ourselves in the Collective Pause
with Rev. Lisa French, Founder & Executive Director

A Clairvoyant Workshop Recorded on April 30, 2020

We’ve been living in a very polarized world that’s been moving, (as you well know!) very, very fast….Until now.

Suddenly a lot is pausing. Everywhere on earth, many, many activities have ceased.

Inside of this pause there is a tremendous opportunity. Here is a point where something new is wanting to be born. Your work may be accelerating or you may not be working…but any way we look at it, the collective is pausing. Not only is collective pausing but the all the structures are up in the air.

I’m sure you are well aware, that the polarization in view points has been getting more extreme? The intensity of this polarization has created a tension between the opposite poles. This got so enormous that is has cracked open our collective.

The Crack: Consider it to be like a chasm that opens up wide. Like a giant crack in the earth. What may need to be pulled forth from that Chasm for healing & rebirth to occur?

Is there some part of you that needs to retrieved?
Are there gifts of your soul that need to be recovered?
Is there some part of you that needs healing?
Is there some part that needs to be recognized, loved & transformed?

During this Workshop / Meditation we will explore this!

In a Meditation Format:

We will consider this crack or chasm. We will take a dive into the Chasm. We will go on a journey of recovery & discovery!

What part of you may have been lost in this chasm? How about you retrieve it? We will go on a spiritual journey and see what treasures we find.

Following that, we will work with a giant crucible in which things are swirling in a state of uncertainty. This is also a crucible of rebirth. A magical cauldron in which change occurs. Here reality is being re-dreamed. Here is the opportunity to redesign your life, dreams, well being, heart & various situations.

You will discover find three essential ingredients to drop into this crucible. You will get to experience & integrate what emerges.

You can then drink the potion of rebirth!

Caution: Doing this work may lead to Tremendous Peace, Love, Joy & Freedom to Live Your Dreams!