Psychic Fair – Fall 2020

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December 1st, 2020 at 5:00pm Pacific


Please note: All times are scheduled in Pacific Time (Los Angeles). Click here for a date / time conversion tool.

Live via Teleconference. (We have a certain number of appointments available, and spaces do fill up! Please register early to reserve your spot.)

Your Psychic Fair experience will last about 1 hour. During that time, you will receive 2 readings, each about 15 minutes, on any topic of your choosing!

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Join our Online Psychic Fair! It’s so much fun!

During this wonderful Clairvoyant experience, you’ll receive two 15-minute readings on any topics of your choice, and a guided meditation. When you call in, you’ll be matched with one of our amazing Clairvoyant student readers. Your Clairvoyant reader will give you a 15-minute reading. When your first 15-minute reading is complete, you’ll then be paired with a new Clairvoyant reader and you can ask about a new topic. At the end, you will be guided through a simple meditation to support you in integrating the readings.

The entire Psychic Fair lasts about 1 hour in duration. Readings run for 15 minutes each, and you’ll receive 2 readings during the Online Psychic Faire.

List of topics include…

Past Life – A look at a past life and how it may affect you.
Relationship – With a relative, friend, coworker, or partner.   A look at the energy that flows between you.
Spirit Guides – Who are your guides and what do they do for you?
Self – A look at your most important relationship of all; how do you relate to yourself?
Astral – Where do you go when your when your body is sleeping and what are you up to?
Life Path – What is your purpose and how are you experiencing your unique path in life?
Love Life – A look at the energy with your partner or the love that you are seeking.
Money – Explore this charged topic and what affects this space for you.
Transformation – A look at the changes you’re experiencing as a spirit on your unique path.
Creativity – How are you creating as a spirit?  What excites and inspires you?
Pet – A look at your  relationship with one of your animal friends.
House/Land – explore the energy of your home and how it affects your life.
Business – A look at the energy affecting any aspect of your business:  communication, abundance, etc.
Health and Wellness – A look at the energies affecting your health and well being.

Anything you can think of!