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Money As Alive #4: Money & the Exchange of Energy

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December 5th, 2023 at 5:00pm Pacific


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Money As Alive: Meditations for Living in the Flow of Financial Prosperity

Meditation #4: Money & the Exchange of Energy: Creating Joyous, Generous In-Flow & Out-Flow
with Rev. Samara Taylor

Tuesday, December 5
3pm Hawaii / 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern
1 hour

Open to All

About this meditation:

Every time you interact with money, you have an opportunity to create joy and generosity… or scarcity and pain. When you’re paying your bills, buying groceries, checking your account balance, or receiving payment… how is your energy? Are you grounded and present, or do you energetically contract or completely check out? Let’s create more awareness around this!

In every money exchange, currency leaves one person and flows to another. But there’s a rich and fertile space that exists between giving and receiving. This is your point of power. When the space between is filled with scarcity, resentment, fear or pain, the exchange diminishes everyone. When the space between is filled with joy and generosity, everyone in the interaction can experience the abundance of that flow.

In this meditation, Rev. Samara will guide you to shift the energy that gets in the way of healthy, empowering money flows. Join us to awaken a more grounded presence and joyous generosity in the moment of giving and receiving money. Come get a powerful money healing!

About this series:

Let the season of light bring you great abundance. In this 6-week series, give yourself the gift of meditating yourself into more money and increased prosperity in every way. Release lack, limitation and money fears, and open yourself to receive from the generous and ever-flowing river of plenty.

Each week, one of the Directors of the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii will guide you through a 1-hour meditation, designed to illuminate and elevate your relationship with money and prosperity. You will be guided to shift some of the deeper energy patterns around your relationship with money, and invite the support of your Higher Self and spirit guides to reset your energy patterns in a healthier, more joyous vibration.

You are welcome to attend the individual meditations, or enroll in the full series for a discount. When you enroll in the full series, you will also be included in the 40-day “Magic of Money” collective meditation practice. See below for details!

Live Meditations:
(You can receive the download if you’re unable to attend live. Past meditations available by audio download, by request.)

November 14: “Your Divine Connection to Currency” with Rev. Laura Ruhle
November 21: “The Stream of Money and How to Attract It” with Rev. Lisa French
November 28: “Give Yourself & Your Bank Account a Healing by Focusing on Abundance” with Rev. Mavis Hirata
December 5: “Money & the Exchange of Energy: Creating Joyous, Generous In-Flow & Out-Flow” with Rev. Samara Taylor
December 12: “Connecting with the Divine to Have Your Gold! Releasing Limits on your Ability to Have and Create Abundance” with Rev. Patty Lassaline
December 19: “Getting into the Vibration of ‘I Can Have That!’” with Rev. Monica Pappe

If you missed part of the series, but would like to participate in upcoming meditations and receive past meditations by audio download, please go here instead