July Meditation Service – Free

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July 27th, 2021 at 5:00pm Pacific

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Seeing Your True Self

Join us for this free 30 minute Clairvoyant Meditation led by Rev.Chris Barnett
No meditation experience needed; no Clairvoyant experience needed. Everyone is welcome.

Tuesday, July 27th, 2021
2pm Hawaii / 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern
30 minutes via teleconference

Do you ever just go along and try to fit in—not rocking the boat? Wanting harmony? Not being seen? Do you ever see yourself as not belonging? Not fitting in? If so, this month’s meditation is for you.

Throughout our lives the outside world “tells” us who we ought to be, how we should behave, how we need to see the world. Some of this is for our own safety; however, much of it is information that others live by. Those energies from outside really cause discomfort; make us feel uneasy; may cause tension in our bodies. Who we are and living from that center brings us comfort, calm and real connection with our universe.

In order to find that center we need to get rid of others’ influences, and well meaning advice in order to have room for our own vibration to grow and expand. Join us for this meditation and together we’ll release old energies that are not in alignment with who we really are. Then we’ll have space to bring in more of our true selves for others to see.


About Rev. Chris Barnett

Reverend Chris Barnett is a teacher and a coach who is grateful to clairvoyant work for bringing wisdom and insight into life’s journey. She is a grandmother who loves jokes, nature, snorkeling with the dolphins, gardening and natural health remedies.

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