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January Meditation Service – Free

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January 19th, 2021 at 5:00pm Pacific

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Starting Fresh in 2021!

Join us for this free 30 minute Clairvoyant Meditation led by Rev. Wendy Scott
No meditation experience needed; no Clairvoyant experience needed. Everyone is welcome.

Tuesday, January 19th
3pm Hawaii / 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern
30 minutes via teleconference

Let’s Start Fresh in 2021!

In the past year we’ve experienced so many shifts in our world and our lives that have changed our sense of “normal.” These changes have affected all of us in different ways, and stirred up a lot of emotion, too! Perhaps you’ve experienced uncertainty, anger, fear, despair, confusion… or been affected by seeing it in the world.

In this 30-minute meditation we will release energy around anything that got us stuck in 2020, or caused us pain or anguish. We’ll release uncertainty about 2021 and the changes we may encounter in the new year. Then we will bring our Spirit and energy into the present moment, and replenish with the energies we want to bring in and experience now. Come and give yourself 30 minutes to let go of the past, and let your Spirit reset and get enlivened to receive the gifts of 2021.

Let’s start the new year fresh and enlivened!

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