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At the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii, our mission is to provide a sanctuary that creates intrinsic validation for the the community of Hawaii and the world beyond, where students, guests, and staff can develop their natural clairvoyant abilities in the energy of psychic kindergarten in order to experience spiritual freedom, growth and wellness.

Spiritual freedom embraces diversity and celebrates the uniqueness of every human soul. Each of us is an integral part of the Divine whole. Everyone – of every race, culture, gender, gender expression, sex, sexual orientation, ability, age, faith, class and background – is welcome. Clairvoyance is for everyone!

Support Your Center! We are a global, nonprofit spiritual sanctuary (501c3). We appreciate donations of every amount so that we can continue to do the wonderful work of Spirit! Your monetary gift supports continued smooth operation of this sacred sanctuary and allows us to offer classes in meditation, clairvoyance, healing and leadership. Thank you.

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