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Healing & Renewal with the Phoenix: A Transformative Meditation for Challenging Times

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October 20th, 2020 at 6:00pm Pacific

$30 ($25 if you are currently active in a CCH or Magic Isle training program)

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Healing & Renewal with the Phoenix: A Transformative Meditation for Challenging Times

A Clairvoyant Meditation with Founder, Rev. Lisa French

Open to everyone. No Clairvoyant experience necessary!

Tuesday, October 20, 2020
3pm Hawaii / 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern
No prerequisite, this 1 – 1.25 hour meditation is open to everyone.

(Please Note the Time/Date Change! this was previously scheduled for Wednesday, October 21st @ 6:30pm Pacific.)

We all want to have well-being, security and joy. However: We are as a world & a society, living in unprecedented challenges. As we look around the world today we could think, “it’s all failing,” but sometimes it all has to fail before it can be reborn… Let’s participate in a rebirth for ourselves…

Knowing this is essential in participating in the world’s restoral.

Animals, both mystical and physical, each have medicine and powerful teachings that they humbly offer us. Today, we explore the teachings of the phoenix, an ancient bird revered throughout myths and stories from the beginning of time. Why? It’s part of the most profound part of the human process. This phoenix journey we all can have takes courage, love and trust… & nothing else is worth more.

Today we will call on the powers of the phoenix. Her keynote is transformation & her tears hold the ability to heal any wound. The song of the Phoenix is beautiful beyond all compare & shows all who listen, the glory of transmutation.

Like us, the Phoenix left paradise to be born here in the mortal world. She stays here and holds potent keys to Death, Gestation, & Rebirth.

We will take a few minutes to receive the myth of the Phoenix, then we will enter into a deeply restorative, meditation / journey. This meditation will be transformative & powerfully healing. It is not for the faint of heart (yet it can heal faint heartedness) for we will allow ourselves to die to so much that hurts, is hopeless or intolerable.

With the combustion of an old layer of self, we will have the experience of astounding regeneration, deep within a holy egg. Here, we will be nourished by the powers of all that is… We will fill with Grace and fill, fill, fill until there is nothing else to do but burst forth with new wings & ecstatic flight.

Come join us and experience this process together. You will experience a cathartic transformation, regenerating time as well as a rebirthing experience. We have much to rebirth, in all of us, to take this culture, as well as our world into a state of glorious wellness and healing.

This event is hosted by our sister school, Magic Isle. Registration & payment will be handled through Magic Isle.