Healer’s Anonymous: Stop Rescuing the World and Reclaim Your Life Force

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Suggested Donation: $10.00

Taught by: Samara Taylor and Stephanie Grose

Teachers: Samara Taylor and Stephanie Grose

Have you been trying to save the world? Do you experience pain when you look at the problems around you? Do other people dump their baggage at your door, and do you feel like it’s your responsibility to help them fix it?

You might just be an out-of-control healer! True healing is a powerful gift from the Divine, but too often we try to heal everything and everyone by ourselves, and get exhausted or depleted. Maybe we get stuck in pain, responsibility, or fear, and lose sight of our own inner healing. In this workshop, we’ll let go of the pain and responsibility of trying to fix the world, and we’ll reclaim our healing energy so we can have it for ourselves, and be healed by it. Join us for a miraculous healing!