Giving Miracles Donation

sunny line


Let’s come together and create some miracles. We have a few of our students and community who would love to attend our Lake Tahoe Retreat with us, but lack the funds in this moment to make this dream a reality. We also have a wonderful, generous community who may be inspired to mock-up and create a miracle!

This is simply an invitation to reach those of you who feel your cup runneth over and thus you are inspired to give. We have had some members in the past get a tremendous healing by giving in this way. And yet others who get a tremendous healing by making their attendance at the event possible. Still others whose hearts are touched by the fact that this is happening at all….Thus we all applaud the frequency of giving.

So, if it feels like an opportunity that is calling to you and you are standing in a place of abundance, we would be honored to connect you with someone who has a mock-up to come to the Tahoe event. This person will graciously receive this gift to help them ground airfare or lodging so they may attend the Tahoe event.

Thank you! We appreciate you!

(As we are a nonprofit 501c3, and your gift is tax-deductible. No goods or services will be given to you for your donation. But you will be appreciated and celebrated in the grace of Spirit!)