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Female Energy & Your Dreams: Grow a Rainbow in 2020

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January 22nd, 2020 at 5:00pm Pacific

$35 ($30 if you choose to participate in the Women's classes every month!)

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This event is hosted by our sister organization, Magic Isle. When you click “Join this Event” you will be taken to the Magic Isle website. Please fill out the registration information on their website to enroll in this workshop. Payment will be handled through Magic Isle.

Female Energy & Your Dreams: How to Grow a Rainbow into 2020
Including all the Facets of Fulfilling You

A Clairvoyant Workshop for Women

Open to all women. No Clairvoyant experience necessary!

Come join us for this women’s two hour workshop and get your 2020 started with plenty of opportunities to fulfill all the many & varied frequencies of you.

As women we have a cavalcade of different frequencies and we need to be creating fulfillment in each of them. Men structure their journeys in a different way….It’s important that we understand that and give them plenty of space to be different… in this way everyone gets to follow their own dream and be able to grow in their dreams together.

As we have such a wonderful variation of different frequencies and dreams living within us, it’s very important to realize that each has a different harmonic. When we know this and we are healthy within it, we are able to manifest wonders in our lives, in relationship to that harmonic. If we have an off point or there is dissonance in one of the places where we are wanting to fulfill a dream, then we have a messiness in our life & that dream never fits us quite right. No matter what we say or do it comes out in a way that doesn’t fit us, it doesn’t fulfill us.

We will experience the different areas of our lives represented by the colors of the rainbow. We will have the opportunity to release some of the murky vibrations, tones, feelings and colors that add to the dissonance. Some wonderful healing goddesses will come and work with us. They will help us begin to reconstruct a healthy vibration that truly represents who we are in our most authentic feminine self in this lifetime; in each of these color and dream vibrations.

You will have the opportunity to work with visions and feelings and your own magic as well as some amazing nature spirits and animal spirits…with the intent to plant these colors and dreams into the days and months of your year, 2020!

Come join us and heal the colors of your Dreams for a magical mosaic of wonder in 2020