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Female Energy, Twilight & Dawn

sunny line

May 15th, 2019 at 5:00pm Pacific

$35 ($30 if you choose to participate in the Women's classes every month!)

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Female Energy, Twilight & Dawn: How to Use These Portals to Open Your Soul
A Clairvoyant Workshop for Women

We all know that dawn and twilight are very special and magical times. Some people are more twilight people & some people are more dawn or morning people. The great thing is you can pick one and try (at least once a week) to give yourself some time and space to work with this portal.

What is this a portal to? Earth is created as a place in which all things work in polarity. It’s one of the places that we can be liberated but it’s also one of the places where we can get very, very stuck.  It’s easy to get stuck on earth, between good and bad, between success and failure, between happy and unhappy, etc.  There are so many places where there seems to be no space between the polarities & we either have to be perfect or we are not enough.

The portals of dawn & twilight allow us to move into the space that sits between the opposites. Now here is some important news: The space between, is where the mystery is. It’s where the most potent healing energy lives. It’s one of the most important places for each of us to find balance and true movement of the soul.

These portals allow us to realize that there is a vast amount of space for us to live in. We need not be compressed, afraid or lost! There’s a huge universe between success and failure, between good and bad, between happy and unhappy and all of the polarities.

To fulfill ourselves, to have great lives & heal the feminine in us, we have to have enough space.  If we are smashed between the polarities, we never will have enough space. The gateways of dawn and twilight are huge gifts of allowing you enough space, so that you have rich & radiant experiences, versus limiting & depleting experiences.

In this workshop, will be releasing the energies and limits that keep us stuck in the polarity.
We will be learning magnificent ways to create a lot more space for ourselves.

We will learn how to access these gateways.
We will learn what to do at dawn or twilight to be fed and nourished.
We will learn what to do so that are opened & healed, so that we don’t have to be stuck in polarity.
The goals is for you to dance in the center of it all & find true freedom, love, abundance and all those things that you very much deserves.

Come join us as we walk through the mystery and into a blended light full of rich color that heals our bodies,
minds, emotions, hearts, souls and female essence.