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Female Energy & the Big Shadow: How to Access & Heal the Deepest Places in Our Hearts, Bodies & Souls

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October 16th, 2019 at 5:00pm Pacific

$35 ($30 if you choose to participate in the Women's classes every month!)

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Female Energy & the Big Shadow: How to Access & Heal the Deepest Places in Our Hearts, Bodies & Souls
A Clairvoyant Workshop for Women

Open to all women. No Clairvoyant experience necessary!

It is important to begin to understand that everybody has a dark side and a light side and that we have to really love them both. In a society with much religious indoctrination, we’ve been trained to love things that we do correctly and criticize and not love what we do incorrectly. That’s bogus of course, and as you know, it doesn’t work. In this workshop we’re going to embrace the whole picture, the light and the dark of it. This is one of the only ways we can be truly free and happy is to love all.

Deep under, we have a big shadow. Shadows are organic as we see when we stand in the sun. To truly have the light, you have to discover the healing essence of the shadow. We have to embrace and glorify in the shadows rather then be afraid of them.

Often our richest healing, transformation, wisdom and creativity comes flowing into us though the accessing of these shadow lands. There is a synchronicity in discovering our own hearts and understanding the heart of great spirit. The divine wants you to have your heart’s desire and to heal and fill your heart with love and light.

In the land of darkness, is where great jewels live. You will have the opportunity to reclaim some of your own most potent and radiant healing jewels.

Come join us as some powerful goddesses come and provide healings for us all. Come and find the healing darkness that nourishes you. Come & create more space to truly love your self!