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Female Energy & Riding the Tiger: Discovering Vulnerability as Power

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March 19th, 2019 at 5:00pm Pacific

$35 ($30 if you choose to participate every month!)

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This event is hosted by our sister organization, Magic Isle. When you click “Join this Event” you will be taken to the Magic Isle website. Please fill out the registration information on their website to enroll in this workshop. Payment will be handled through Magic Isle.

A Clairvoyant Workshop with Rev. Lisa French, Executive Director of The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii & Magic Isle
Open to All Women!

Riding a tiger is a symbol of overcoming obstacles & fears as we reclaim our power, our life force, our personal medicine and our potential.

What if vulnerability was your greatest strength? As women we have some very different powers available to us. Many of us have been taught that power is more of a masculine vibration; yet there are very distinct forms of power that women must learn to understand for herself, in order to be fulfilled in her life’s journey.

Vulnerability is generally thought of as a weakness, an Achilles heal sort of reality, a problem. So many of us have been taught that this is something that we want to overcome & avoid. If we do not learn the magic & strength of vulnerability, it can make us hard, or hurt, or bitter, cold, agitated, confused, sad, drained or exhausted.


Vulnerability can be a juicy state of the feminine that is very exciting!

What if vulnerability was the opportunity to be exposed to new possibilities?
What if vulnerability allowed us to be humble, to grow, learn & be open?
What if vulnerability actually protected us from being hurt, damaged and attacked?
What is Vulnerability was a resource of tremendous power?
What if Vulnerability ability allowed us to open our hearts & souls to the divine and to receiving our hearts desire?

We will be learning about a state of vulnerability that actually protects us from giving our power away or having anyone hurt us or take from us or damage us.

The conundrum of riding a tiger as a vulnerable state of power is something that we will study and learn together during this workshop!

Having strong and possibly intense emotions can cause us to feel vulnerable, and yet this vulnerability, like the tiger brings us to a state of tremendous power, brilliance, and strength. This is a feminine strength, it’s soft, clear, receptive and very, very, very potent.

Come join us as we together we ride the tiger into the heart of our own soft radiance – a radiance that protects us from all harm.