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Female Energy & Owls: Find your Night Vision & Soar through your Dreams!

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November 14th, 2018 at 5:00pm Pacific


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Whoooo, whoooo, whoooo are you?

You shall find yourself and your deepest essence in your dreams. There are sleeping dreams and there are conscious or waking dreams. The owl will clarify and guide us through the 4 essential states of dreaming. She will look into our souls and help us see whoooo we really are.

The owl who hunts at night, hunts in the unconscious for dreams of healing, dreams of wealth, dreams of love, dreams of play, dreams of fun, dreams of sensual wonder, dreams of states of being…..there is soooo much!

Let’s fly and bring these dreams out of the darkness and into the light. Let’s hunt for medicine, truth and well being. Let us learn from the owl who is an expert hunter and catches her prey…her dreams.

She hunts in the darkness and finds the delicious nurturing of foods that feed her body and soul. Let us fly with the owl and learn to see in the darkness.

What is night vision anyway?

Come on in and join us with the owl as our guide and teacher and consider the mana or power of our dreaming selves as it heals the fibers of our light bodies and allows us healthy, wealthy magnetic bodies.