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Female Energy & Men: Holding your Essence Without Giving Away Your Self, Your Energy & Your Light

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February 20th, 2019 at 5:00pm Pacific

$35 ($30 if you choose to participate every month!)

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A Clairvoyant Workshop with Rev. Lisa French
Open to All Women!

There is much we can give in the form of love, nurturing, Communication and kindness. There is so much we can receive that’s glorious, lovely, empowering, strengthening and incredibly joyous. However, there seems to be, in so many women, a deep inner propulsion to give part of our core and essential feminine power to a man. The men, can vary. It can be fathers, brothers, friends, relatives, coworkers, neighbors as well as lovers, husbands and partners.

If you give away our light you & other people can’t see it. If you give away your juice, you can’t use it and if you give away yourself, you find yourself lacking. If you saw women do this as you grew up, you might’ve thought it was normal. There are other reasons that women do this and we will be looking at those.

Now here’s a really important part: many of us don’t really know how to work with this power. Some women learn to own it and use it wisely. Many women learn to do this partially… but still, we give away quite a bit of it. Many women don’t learn what this power is or how to own it or use it and some women learn to use it to manipulate or compete verses too create. As you can see, the whole thing can get a bit messy and today we want to clarify much about this power and begin to re-claim it for ourselves!

Among several reasons that we give it away; often, we don’t realize that men don’t have it too. We haven’t really learned what this feminine power is, so we don’t necessarily own it. We think that what we have, is something that all people have. If others don’t seem to be displaying it, we may share it generously as a reminder…Hey! You can do this too! Another reason we do this is because we want to be validated, loved and have our needs met… So we give our power….The problem with that, is then we don’t have it and so the respect begins to disappear. Holding that power, allows us to be loved, honored and respected. Yet one more reason, is that we may be lacking In self-esteem and we try to build ourselves up by building others up…..But we’re giving away ourselves to do it, so in essence we take ourselves down! Yikes! OK, well don’t worry too much! We are going to address this, and more in this workshop

Here is an interesting truth: core feminine power, in a male body is like a drug. It doesn’t really belong in his energy system and there are many possible side effects. It can certainly cause him euphoria and can be quite addictive. It can also cause him to be very imbalanced, anxious or even crazy. It can cause him to be uncentered, disillusioned and unable to see a woman clearly… among a few of the things. Looking at it like this, it’s clearly not safe for him, for us to be giving him this energy…. that doesn’t necessarily stop him from wanting it… If he’s become addicted to it, well…..

A female body without this core feminine power often feels depleted, lacking in energy, or motivation, or courage, or willpower, or self-esteem, or joy, or total well-being, or fulfillment….OK, you get the point.

You can see that we need to have our core feminine power in us and a man needs his own vibration to have his core masculine energy!

In this workshop, We are going to look at these fundamentals and begin to find ourselves within the process of reclaiming our essence and our power. We are going to increase our awareness of these dynamics and find some humor and self-love within all of it! Some fabulous goddess beings are going to come in and help us sort ourselves out & provide us with tremendous healings.

We will be taking a journey in our own inner world and doing some fabulous work to take back what we have given away and to become more whole and joyous and beautiful within ourselves!

The result begins to be much greater clarity in communication throughout the entire spectrum of our lives with Man and with other women. We’re going to take a wonderful step…..don’t miss it!