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Female Energy & Leaping the Chasms & Awakening Trust: How to find the Jewel in the Paradox

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September 18th, 2019 at 5:00pm Pacific

$35 ($30 if you choose to participate in the Women's classes every month!)

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Female Energy & Leaping the Chasms & Awakening Trust: How to find the Jewel in the Paradox
A Clairvoyant Workshop for Women

Open to all women. No Clairvoyant experience necessary!

OK, you know the idea of taking that leap across the Chasm & then trusting that you will grow wings and that the universe will help carry you across? We are going to strengthen our ability to simply trust, to simply leap & easily succeed.

According to the rational or masculine or left brain universe this is not possible.
According to the creative, the feminine, the right brain universe, this is a normal and important procedure.

There is a paradox between getting your facts and your information straight from the left brain so that you succeed you in earthly reality and leaping a chasm with your right brain so that you give yourself a space to succeed in. You need them both.
What happens is, the feminine viewpoint within us and the masculine viewpoint within us begin to struggle or compete with each other on which one is right.

The truth is that they are both right and they are both necessary. In the center of that, is what we may call the jewel in the paradox.

In this workshop we will learn how to access the jewel. We will realize there is a jewel and it is exciting and rich and fabulous!
We will learn how to open our eyes and be more aware in daily life, so that we can leap chasms and know that the universe is helping us grow wings……

We will move into the center and seize the jewel. We will find that place within in which we can get out of competition between the two viewpoints (of the right and left brains) and trust both of them. We find clarity in knowing we need both of them, that both of them are important and essential.

Come join us as we discover how to get the jewel in the paradox and have some healing is from some very powerful goddesses who have gone before us and know the way. Isn’t it great that there are wise beings have gone on the path for us and know how to help us get home to true freedom, happiness and success. Come join us as leap across the chasm and truly discover the jewel!