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Female Energy & the Great Mystery

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July 17th, 2019 at 5:00pm Pacific

$35 ($30 if you choose to participate in the Women's classes every month!)

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Female Energy & the Great Mystery: How to be Successful & Fulfilled by Living in it & Integrating It
A Clairvoyant Workshop for Women

Open to all women. No Clairvoyant experience necessary!

As women, we have each been conditioned and trained in a masculine society. This society teaches us to know the answer, to want the answer. It teaches us in a series of equations that all have absolutes. It teaches us into corners, into straight lines and out of circles and wavy lines and spirals. It can teach us “not”, dead ends, lack, anxieties and confusion.

The great mystery is contained in circles and spirals and all kinds of wild abstract shapes and vibrations. They make no sense to the left brain which is masculine and rational, and which is managing so much of our culture.

The mystery is born in the right brain in which things are abstract and open. This place is an untamed wilderness that should never be tamed but allowed to grow wild. This place is an opening in every star system. This place is called the mystery and every woman must hold the mystery within her.

When a woman holds the mystery within her, then she can succeed at anything. She can create and accomplish. She can give birth, manage and manifest. She can be happy and inspired and full of wonder and truth.

If a woman doesn’t hold the mystery within her, it is very likely that she will find herself anxious, overthinking, worried, afraid, fearful or angry. She may find herself frustrated, feeling lost, possibly lonely or isolated even amongst people, family or relationship. She may find herself with mysterious illnesses or hurts or concerns. She may find herself trying to figure out the problem all the time, instead of taking delight in each small moment.

Together we will find the mystery and re-integrate it into our female bodies, our female psyches, our female hearts. We will live it in the world. We will re-claim the right brain & the abstract ability to simply allow the mystery to be. When we do this, we begin to hold a mystique, a charisma, a power, and abundance, a tremendous magnetic potency that is attractive to all things that we wish to have and to be. It earns us the respect of other people. It earns us the respect of men, children, families, friends, coworkers and the world at large.

Come join us as we re-integrate the mystery and learn to be comfortable with the abstract and the feminine which nourishes us and heal us.

We can’t wait! Come on in!