Energetics of Money, Part 1

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Taught by Rev. Lisa French

Prerequisites: None – open to all
Teacher: Lisa French
Practicing Clairvoyant & Teacher for 30 years, Executive Director of the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii

Money is energy, just like everything else around us, but often we feel intimidated, invalidated, or unworthy of having enough of it. In this class we will be de-energizing the concepts, limits, and beliefs that have been programmed into us by society so we can create in abundance, and enjoy all that it has to offer…while using our clairvoyance of course!Money offers us life style, travel, comfort & security….and so much more. Want to increase your cash flow?

Want to create $ and have fun at the same time? There are many layers of what may hold us back from having it. Together we will review some of these, so that each person has a chance to see that they really are images & illusions that we have accommodated and accumulated over time, and not reality.

Each person will receive a powerful healing from some of the great beings of light who truly wish each of us to realize profound and joyous prosperity. We will also take a journey into a life in which we have tremendous abundance so that we can experience the feelings it inspires in us. As we bookmark those feelings, they become familiar and so much easier to have in our daily lives. Beginning to explore what we are each trying to learn and achieve on Earth is a key to financial well being. When we are on the right path…attracting money can get easier and easier. The kingdom of heaven is an abundant life on Earth. It is the divine right of each human being. That means you!

Are you ready?

Come join us for a profound journey of the soul.