Creating your Dreams, Visions, Lifestyle & Creations in 2019

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An audio download of a Clairvoyant Workshop taught by Founder, Rev. Lisa French
Originally taught February 5th, 2019
Duration: 2 hours & 15 minutes

This is going to be a happy time for creating!
We will be sending off dreams, wishes, requests & all kinds of wonderful creations.

There is something very powerful about raising the energy and doing something creative in a group. One of the great secrets of spiritual creativity is: “ whatever energy you’re in when you create something is the energy you’ll be in when you receive it.” Often if someone creates something they really want, but they do it in a very low energy vibration… They do get it but they don’t generally recognize their creation because it comes back a little twisted in that lower energy level.

We are going to raise the energy as a group and create a very big bright symphonic magic. In this way, as we put it out there it gathers strengthen volume is able to come back to us with a much richer expression of what it is we’re really wanting to have and generally a much more satisfying experience.

We will learn some techniques, we will honor the whole body in this creative experience and learn how to initiate the creations from the highest levels.

✨Please read the directions at the bottom on how to prepare for this workshop.
They are not required, but you may find them greatly helpful.


Personal life: self care, family, relationships, health, meditations,manifestations, home, journeys, etc.

  • Each person will get the opportunity to focus on very personal creations. What do you want, for you and yours?
  • You can focus on very simple things like daily routines and being able to include things like meditation, joy, clear communication, self-care.
  • You can ask for things like daily interactions with people that are stimulating and enriching.
  • Maybe you’ve been deeply involved in certain processes and need to stay with the inspiration.
  • Maybe you’re raising children, maybe you’re moving or changing jobs and asking for some very big lifestyle components.
  • Maybe you have a special request of the universe involving your health and personal well-being.

Work/Career/daily interface with World Structure, Participation & Creation:

  • Each person will also get the opportunity to focus on things that perhaps relate more to their work or career or what it is they do and how they contribute to the world.
  • Perhaps there are decisions to be made or new things to realize?
  • Perhaps it’s important to change the structure of work, or work the success line, or make adjustments, or ask for more.
  • There’s a lot! It’s a wide open field and during this time you’re going to be able to float your magical pieces into that part of the universe that receives it and wants to get back to you.

For the Collective:

  • What do we want to request and ask for and create for the general health and well-being have the whole collective?
  • This is a way we can participate at a higher frequency by working with light beings to make certain kinds of requests.
  • Maybe simple things like it being easier for people everywhere to get solar electricity in their homes?
  • We will work a lot together in this particular portion creating gifts and opportunities for the people of the world at large to awaken, become free,become healthy and have their needs met.
  • When the entire collective takes a step, we all do! We will do this without forcing our viewpoints, we will simply create space for the opportunities to be there for all who are ready. I will ask the light beings to help intervene. This part, is going to be really fun!
  • How about easy and available cures for a very serious diseases that are safe and non-toxic and easy to access and to afford?
  • Along with it maybe there’s counseling for those people on what their bodies were trying to communicate to them so that they can learn and grow through their conditions?


  • We will put out our own requests at a spiritual level. They may be very personal or they may involve other people.
  • We will work on a technique that does not allow us to project what we think others should have onto them but simply to create space for them to have their highest good.
  • We will also create space for us to have our highest good!
  • What are our spiritual goals as far as being able to communicate at a higher level with each other? Perhaps with the earth, the plant beings, the stars, the animals, the light beings… And so on……


So this class is really going to be about having a space to put it all out there. We don’t have to be experts at any of it yet or understand it all yet but we are casting our seeds up into the rich gold is following up from the new year and ready to take our dreams and raise them up into beautiful stunning creations that will stagger us with how wonderful they are.


✨ Preparation Directions:

Consider as you perhaps prepare some ideas or lists or images of what you’d like to create in this, a new year.

It’s like you walked out of the energy fluid of the old year. You are a liberating yourself from all the experiences that did or didn’t work and
you have an absolute fresh canvas of life to work with. There are no limits. There is pure potential. Also, there is the reality that one only has so many hours in a day so when does have to make choices!

  • You might enjoy sitting down with a journal, a notepad and maybe some drawing implements.
  • You might want to go into a meditation and spend some time considering what you really want to create?
  • What makes you feel good when you consider it? It might be good to approach this from a child like space and not consider the limits but instead the possibilities.
  • Write it down or draw pictures, or something … so that when we’re doing the workshop, you’re prepared with what you want to ask for.

Now you might get to the very moment of the workshop & we’re about to do it. Then you realize it’s not for you and you want to change it, that’s your privilege! And sometimes that’s part of the process…. Or you refine it…. So, its best to find your sense of humor and enjoy the process.

It’s important to not take it too seriously and if it all possible don’t think about past failures and successes, just get into the flow of now as if you are a new person, in a new year, creating new dreams! You are!

Even as you read this, the light beings that have been called upon to support us with this workshop will begin to support you in your dreaming, creating, writing, intending.