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Clairvoyance 103 Live via Teleconference – Summer 2020

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July 15th, 2020 at 5:00pm Pacific


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Clairvoyance 103
A 4-Week Clairvoyant Journey
with Rev. Laura Ruhle, Advanced Clairvoyant Teacher

Live via Teleconference

4 Wednesdays @ 2pm Hawaii / 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern
Beginning July 15th

Included (optional) Extras: one tools check, one complimentary student reading

Prerequisite: Clairvoyance 101+102

In Clairvoyance 103, you will expand your ability to work with your Clairvoyant tools. Now that you’ve completed Clairvoyance 101+102, you have the foundational Clairvoyant tools to ground, replenish, and see energy. In this series, you will build on what you’ve already learned and develop the confidence to use your Clairvoyance anywhere, anytime!

You will refresh your awareness of many of the tools you’ve already learned, and discover new ways to use them in everyday living. You will also begin to practice reading Clairvoyantly – for yourself and for others, so you can trust your ability to “see” with your third eye. The third eye is a muscle – the more you practice, the more you’ll strengthen its inherent ability.

This 4-week series is taught by Rev. Laura Ruhle, our Advanced Clairvoyant Program teacher. Laura has been teaching at the Clairvoyant Center for over 15 years, and she is a truly gifted psychic and teacher! If you’ve already completed Clairvoyance 101 + 102, you don’t want to miss this opportunity!

Many teachings that are normally reserved for our Clairvoyant Training Program will be incorporated into this magical journey. Come take another step into awareness and well-being! 🙂

If you’ve previously completed Clairvoyance 101+102 through the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii, you are eligible to enroll in this class!

This course is offered via teleconference. It’s easy! All you need is a phone to call in. You can also connect with an internet connection. Details will be sent upon enrollment.