Beyond Busyness & Distraction: Finding Flow in Everyday Living

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Taught By Rev. Samara Taylor and Rev. Mona Miles-Koehler

Are your days and nights a whirlwind? Too much to do? FOUR page to-do list? Not enough time? No room for YOU on your calendar? Precariously balancing work, family, friends, “chores”? AAARRRGH!!! Maybe you just want to check out?

In this playful 2-hour journey, we’ll look at BUSYNESS and DISTRACTION and open to the fullness of the present moment in everyday living. An opportunity to take a deep breath, and come to our senses!

Life is movement, and movement is flow. Even when the merry-go-round of life is spinning you in circles, the lively dance holds joy, lightness and wonder. In this workshop, we’ll play with the inherent movement of life – returning to center, and reconnecting to your Self. We can glide, skip, or swirl through all of life’s wildness, without spinning out! With grounding and grace, even mundane daily tasks can become beautiful moments – body and spirit in flow. Let’s take the “blah” out of everyday living, and make it meaningful, magical, and merry.