Aslan: Opening the Door of Love & Manifestation of Your Dreams

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Taught by Rev. Lisa French
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Taught by Rev. Lisa French

This is a recording of a live workshop from July 3rd 2018.
Pre-requisite: Open To Everyone with the Willingness to Heal Your Heart & Make Friends with Aslan 🙂

Aslan is the great lion from the land of Narnia.

He is real, as well, he also symbolizes the great golden energy or grace that sustains us all.Sometimes we are unable to materialize a dream or goal because we are unable to hold within us the frequency or vibration of what it is we want. We are each going spend some time with Aslan’s energy field and get some healing on this!

Aslan creates tremendous love, certainly, power, kindness, courage and strength. He will help each of us learn to have & sustain these qualities and abilities.

One of things Aslan said to the children (all of own inner being) that he guided, was “Come Further on & Deeper In”.
What did he mean by that? During this workshop we will be discovering that.

We will each find a golden place where we are sustained by a warm golden grace that can support us in all things and in all ways.
Let’s take a journey to the inner world where we ride on Aslan breath to a magical inner world.
We’ll take some very powerful adventures….and we’ll come out the other side with more space to love and be loved!

We will Learn & Practice How to:

  • Work with Aslan in daily life situations
  • Transform problems and challenges with this golden energy
  • Strengthen and increase your self worth, as well as self love
  • Heal ourselves with Aslan’s breath
  • Talk to Aslan to resolve conflicts, challenges, and Dilemmas

Taught by Rev.Lisa French; Founder of Magic Isle & the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii; Clairvoyant Teacher for over 35 years.
Lisa also has a degree in shamanic arts and has been active in that field for the last 20 years.