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Angelic Healing & Meditation: Angels of the Heart

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February 2nd, 2023 at 6:00pm Pacific

$35 (Or $30/month if you enroll in the entire series)

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Angelic Healing & Meditation Monthly Series
February Meditation: Angels of the Heart

Open to all. No Clairvoyant experience necessary!

Thursday, February 2, 2023
4pm Hawaii – 6pm Pacific – 9pm Eastern
No prerequisite, this 1 hour – 1.25 meditation is open to all.


Angels of the Heart are Great Unifiers!

There are so many divisive energy, currents, people, circumstances.
Harmony and well being comes when we are unified at the heart.
A life with passion and love comes with the heart.
Angels of the heart heal and clear away division, so that there is love and hope for all people.

Angels of the heart can assist with repair on broken or damaged hearts…..
They can help people find the way, if the heart feels lost or if there is simply the need for greater heart to guide us into a life of clarity, harmony and wellness.

Angel of heart help people find their way home to the center of self!

Come join us to meditate and receive healing with these great angels.


About the Angel Meditation & Healing Series:

The entire cosmos is guided, managed and animated by myriad hierarchies of conscious angelic light beings. In someway, they are all messengers or agents of the divine. They work together in an intricately & infinitely glorious and well orchestrated system. They are brilliant communicators & healers who have profound gifts. You will find that music, light, vibration & color grace the way in which they communicate.

You will receive the opportunity to learn about each type of angelic being, as well as how to connect with & establish communication with them. You will get to experience their healing for yourself, as well as learn how to help provide for others.

The whole hierarchy of angelic beings and principalities is quite elaborate and complex. In this meditation series, we will focus on those angelic beings that can come into direct contact with us. They can help us have brilliant clarity with ourselves & with Great Spirit during our lives on Earth!

Each month you will also receive some suggestions for continuing your meditations and your perception of these wonderful beings throughout the month. The intent is to be able to integrate the wisdom, healing and medicine they hold, into your busy lifestyle, as well as within your daily awareness / consciousness.

There are many types of light beings who administrate well-being for all of us and for the earth.

In this series, we will be meditating with, meeting, journeying & learning about:


February 2021: Guardian Angels

March 2021: Archangel Raphael of the Spring Equinox

April 2021: Angels of Inspiration

May 2021: Healing Angels

June 2021: Archangel Uriel for the Summer solstice

July 2021: Angels of Music

August 2021: Angels of Gold

September 2021: Archangel Michael for the Autumn Equinox

October 2021: Angels of Transition

November 2021: The Angelic Virtues

December 2021: Angels of Birth and the Holy Mother

January 2022: Angel of the Spirit of Truth

February 2022: Rose Angels

March 2022: The Seraphim

April 2022: House & Home Angels

May 2022: The Cherubim

June 2022: Mountain Top Angels

July 2022: Angels of Quartz

August 2022: Angelic Thrones

September 2022: Angels of the Sea

October 2022: Angelic Powers

November 2022: The Supreme Archangel

December 2022: Angels in the Christ Force

January 2023: Angels of Creativity


You can join any one of these workshops or you can sign up for the whole series. Should you miss a class/meditation, not to worry, you will receive the download.

Rev. Lisa French, Founder of Magic Isle and the Clairvoyant Center of HawaiiLed by Rev. Lisa French
Founder of the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii & Magic Isle

Lisa has been teaching spiritual classes for over 35 years and has been learning and growing with the angels throughout her adult life. The angels have asked her to bring their medicine forth and help people understand with greater clarity, how to have it & how to access it.