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Healing with Dragons Meditation: Air Dragons: Soaring into Clarity

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November 13th, 2019 at 5:00pm Pacific

$25 ($90 if you choose to participate in all four meditations.)

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Healing with Dragons: Meditations & Journeys into the Heart of Being
Air Dragon Meditation: Soaring into Clarity

Wednesday, November 13
6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern
One Hour Duration

Open to everyone. No Clairvoyant or meditation experience necessary!

Offered through our sister school, Magic Isle.


About the Dragon Meditations

Dragons hold tremendous magic, empowering freedom, staggering information; they are able to offer us absolutely stellar experiences within the mystic truth of all things.

There are certain energies that have been affecting all of us on earth. These type of vibrations tend to diminish the creative spark within us. They may have us doubting ourselves, or being overwhelmed with narcissism. The dragon will show us something bigger, something more powerful. When we begin to look outside ourselves at the brightness that is and then find our place within it…. Then we open the playing field to create and receive everything we ever wanted.

It’s a matter of getting in the right position and the dragons are great teachers for this. They are the humorous, wise & ancient coaches! They are also highly connected to may light beings, star beings and earth beings, in other words, the whole matrix!

Dragons are very real and in this time of challenge on our Earth, they are appealing to help us.The dragon meditations will be one hour long. Each of 4 will consist of a visual and audible excursion into a wonderful inner world in which the dragon teaches, heals and illuminates each of us.

Bring your curiosity and your wonder; prepare to have more space to love yourself and recognize who you really are.
When a dragon looks into your eyes & really sees you, you will experience the slowing of time & you will discover more space to see yourself. When you see yourself as you really are, you will be humbled by the glory of that.

All dragons love treasure. Treasure comes in many forms and many frequencies. Dragons will help us to explore a treasure and what it really is for us.


Dragons of the Air: Soaring into Clarity

These stellar beings will show us each great teachings of freedom and wisdom.
The dragons of the air are able to make things move…
They will show us how to find things that have been stuck or frozen and get them moving and vibrant again.
They can show us how to rise above and see and be free.
They will help clear our heads and bring a feeing of flight to our hearts and lives as we spread our wings & know the stars.


The dragon meditations will be led by the founder of the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii, Rev. Lisa French.

Lisa has been Studying and teaching Clairvoyance for 35 years. She has spent the last 19 years actively pursuing some of the deeper shamanic aspects of life on earth, she is deeply communing with dragons and has a deep understanding of what dragons have to offer. She is absolutely thrilled to bring their wisdom, healing and medicine to all of us!

Come heal & have fun as we get coached by dragons!


Additional Dragon Meditations:

4. Dragons of the Earth: Magnetizing Treasure
2/18/19 ~ 6pm Pacific ~ Wednesday

These are the dragons that we see amass great treasures.
They are great teachers of the manifestation frequency and understanding what true treasure really is.
We will each be led through the depths of the treasure caves and claim our gifts.


1. Fire Dragons: Energizing Our Spiritual & Body Systems
September 19. Now Available via Download

Here we experience tremendous passion, creativity, power, light we discover deeply loving connections.
We will each get deeply cleansed by the fire and awake within it!
Here, we raise our vibration, with the help of these wonderful beings of light.

2. Water Dragon: Power & Engaging Mystical Reunion
October 19. Will be Available via Download


These mystic and powerful souls will teach us how to find the true fluidity of feeling. Here, we connect with the mystic imagery that becomes clairvoyant awareness and a dreamy sort of Wakefulness that allows intuition. We are lifted into a gently empowering flow.