Seven Stages of Grief: How to Identify Them and Create Dynamic Healing

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An audio download of a Clairvoyant Workshop taught by Founder, Rev. Lisa French
Duration: 3 hours

Learn how to say hello to the 7 states of grief.

Learn how to process them, understand them and see why they are necessary. To be compassionate and understanding with yourself and others. To reap the best rewards from this rich spiritual experience.

Who is this workshop for:

All people. We each experience loss at some point. If you are experiencing one now, great, jump in! Also: If you work with people, they will have these experiences.

Knowing these phases and stages helps you to be understanding, compassionate, patient, wise and sometimes to survive around another person as they go through it! We all participate with other people, so this is big. If you are a parent, a child, a mate, a friend, a healer…you get the idea!

The stages are the same for all people, however, people do go through them in different ways.

Some people suppress them, some people deny them, some people override them,
Some people go very deep and hit huge enormous waves, some people seemingly skim through it.
Some body types * spirit types have extremely sensitive energy and emotional systems and the phases can be very overwhelming.

Grief is a difficult but rich Emotion. It is a bridge we must all cross at one time or another. We will address grief that is a symptom of a death.

There are 2 really big kinds of grief:

1) The first has four major areas in our lives:

A career or job
A relationship
A place to live, moving, etc.
The end of an area, stage or period in our lives

2) The second area is the loss of another person.
Parents, Partners, Mates – Husbands – Wives – Siblings, Really close friends, Beloved pets. etc.

We are generally not taught in our families or schools, churches, communities , etc. how to process grief and what the symptoms actually are. Join us and we will be enlightened together. To be whole people we really need to understand and be able to refer to these stages for ourselves and others. When we get it, life can be richer, cleaner, deeper, sweeter and more profound in every way.

When we go through these stages cluelessly we see:

Confusion, Despair, Depression, Apathy, Sickness, Overwhelm, Loss of Incentive, Illness, Lack of Creativity and so much more….

We may take it out on our: Relationship, Careers, Bodies, Friends or so many other situations if we don’t understand..

When we don’t know what’s going on, we and others can really damage ourselves & our lives, when we do know it is a glorious thing!

When we get it and understand it:

We know it will go in stages.
We know its natural.
We know when its rough, we will surface.
We know the next chapter is coming.
That our heart is breaking open to more light and love.

That a new and brighter Sun will indeed rise!


Lisa French; Founder of Magic Isle and the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii. Clairvoyant Teacher for over 35 years. Lisa also has a degree in shamanic arts and has been active in that field for the last 25 years.