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The Labyrinth & the Path to Freedom

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I wanted to say hello for a few minutes today to a really important concept: The Opening of the Way.

Finding Balance

I was doing yoga in the wind this morning and it’s really difficult to keep your balance when the wind is blowing hard against you and you’re trying to do balancing poses. It made me think of life and what a fabulous metaphor this is. Then it took me into looking at the labyrinth and all of our spiritual journeys through it.

As I tried to balance in the wind I was thinking of the Clairvoyant community and the magic of it. At that point in my rocky tree pose, I was looking up at this beautiful tree studded ridge and a golden eagle flew across the top. (You’re right I’m not in Hawaii right now, however I am looking at the huge growth period happening on the Big Island from a distance but more about that in a bit) The energy of freedom was so overwhelming, is so overwhelming, it is so beautiful and yet there are so many things that would sabotage that glory. Freedom is what happens when “the way is open.”

Looking at the Labyrinth

In October many of us are going to be gathering at Lake Tahoe. This year we are looking at the labyrinth, the magical pathways to freedom and the many ways that those get blocked…and… how to unblock and open them. The opening of the way. Freedom.

Labyrinth: A labyrinth is not a maze or a puzzle to be solved but a path of meaning to be experienced. Its path is circular and convoluted, but in truth, it has no dead ends. A labyrinth has one entrance (birth)? — One way in and one way out. When we walk the path, we go around short curves and long curves; sometimes we are out on the edge, sometimes we circle around the center. We are never really lost but we can’t quite see where we are going….Unless you’re using your Clairvoyant skills and your truly paying attention!

However there are many false pictures, distractions and dead ends that get simulated, over the truth. As you know, life on earth is fraught with miracles and challenges. Sometimes we think we’re walking through a wide-open golden doorway and we’re walking into an iron wall. Sometimes we think we’re walking into a cement wall and we walk out into an incredible garden filled with light and light beings.

Moving into Freedom

Lewis Bostwick, the founder of this Clairvoyant method, talked so much about Clairvoyant training being a way to get through the labyrinth and into freedom. He gave great credence to the power of joy, the power of humor and sometimes the power of anger in order to get there. As somebody who has dedicated my life’s journey to the development of clairvoyance and the radiance and the awareness around that, I never fail to be amazed by the magic, and I never fail to be amazed by the myriad of ways that egocentric powers want to feed on the magic and the grace that is really here for us all. This year, we certainly see Pele’s reaction and it’s pretty intense. She’s making quite a statement as she’s bringing up some profound magma from some very deep places in the earth; she is certainly moving some energy. It’s tremendously sad to see the hurt, and incredibly amazing to see the creative power – huge openings in the earth.

Great beings of light and wise teachers have talked about the opening of the way. In Egypt we look at whole temples that were preserved in the frequency of the opening of the way. In the British Isles we see the incredible standing stones. Throughout the world we find temples and shrines and secret places that are openings, so that we can find our way. These are powerful, strong reminders.

Creating Sanctuary

In present day, we have to create sanctuaries in our personal meditations, our homes and in our lives. As a school, the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii is a dedicated global sanctuary. Dedicated to preserving many openings, to creating spaces where each of us can make our way through the labyrinth, where we can identify how to get through, see the way…. and be safely on our life’s path.

One of the truly scary things is that many times we will find a sanctuary or Temple or teaching that is all about the opening of the way, but in some way it has been tainted by some narcissistic form of control that pretends to be an opening, and yet it is a dead end or worse than that. We see Pele expressing her displeasure towards the incredible manipulations and trying to transform all of that darkness. When even a volcano goddess is challenged by things like geothermal fracking, what do us regular people do? We cope, we ground, we create, we get amused, we breathe, we run energy, we work, we give clairvoyant readings and healings! Beyond that we come together as a community and raise up the energy for us all….For all. Together, we open the way.

Consider the great beings of ancient Egypt that built sanctuaries that are still there and in spite of much religious or spiritual control around them; consider giant, standing stones that have danced out of the earth with the power of those who opened the way: in present day they are still usable! This is an energy level we want to reference, an energy level that we want to have, to share and access.

Spiritual Community

We sustain an energy for spiritual community that welcomes everyone who doesn’t want to destroy. We hold the energy through spiritual community that is free of competition and supports everybody getting where they’re going. There’s a great mystery going on! Be part of it! Discover it. Let’s not be isolated. Let’s not be afraid of each other and yet let’s really look at what’s real and what’s a game. We can melt away the frequency fences that control us. We can walk through walls and move into the next chapter with more gold, more happiness, and the ability to recognize how truly brilliant we are! Let’s teach others and show them that they are too.

At Tahoe in October, we come together in front of a huge, beautiful, calm lake filled with a potent level of Yin beingness, and unfathomable power. This nourishes each of us and creates a tremendous sense of renewal for all, as well as the of empowering Clairvoyant community. This is a great place to practice the opening of the way.

How does it make your life richer and brighter to come together in Clairvoyant community? This year we’ll learn more about how to transcend a dead end and walk-through a wall into freedom. How do you tell the difference between being stuck in a big sticky energy situation and our own true energy in motion that can help guide us through the dark places?

Gathering in Lake Tahoe

Let’s come together in front of a beautiful lake and consider this, lets take a look at each other and clear away some of the blocks and bring in a tremendous amount of new information. Let’s make sure the lies and illusions are cleared from our own labyrinth so that we can walk in freedom.

Like doing yoga in the wind, let’s create space to balance in challenging situations and spread our wings and fly. Like the golden eagle I saw over the ridge, let’s create more space to see clearly. And let’s learn to fly freely over the obstacles in the labyrinth.

With Spiritual Communication, Validation & Respect,
May the way be Open!
Lisa French

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