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The Big Island of Hawaii, Volcanoes and Madam Pele

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A Clairvoyant communication in May of 2018 about Hawaii’s Big Island.

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Lets start with a few basic ideas and then apply them to Pele and the Big Island of Hawaii’s energies and volcanoes.

Everything that exists does so in a field of vibration. When vibrational energies are moving and full of freedom as well as grace, things work pretty well, there is lots of permission and lots of potential for all who choose it, to thrive and grow.

When vibrational energies get stuck or stagnant, when they get mismanaged, polluted & toxic physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, the potential for more people, animals, plants, etc. to thrive becomes lesser. Opportunities start to diminish. Pele is a force of love as well as healing. She has a responsibility to clear toxicity, so she needs to work in some way, to restore the balance. This planet is in a “free will” zone – you can be light, you can be dark, but there needs to be enough room for people to choose; if that goes away, Pele is the one who is tasked with correcting the problem.

The Big Island of Hawaii represents the first chakra in the energy system. This has to do with security, connection, safety, sustenance, family, manifestation – having our most basic needs met, and having an inner alignment in some fundamental way with the world and the community.

Who is Pele?

Pele is a goddess of freedom. She is a passionate creator goddess; she lives in such creative glory that she’s also a master at sustaining a vibration or a space. To balance this, she then also has to work with destruction. The three – creating, sustaining and destroying – are part of a whole. Pele is whole and she is trying to keep the planet on track.

The people of Hawaii’s Big Island acknowledge her. They rarely say “the volcano,” rather they say, Pele. She has been documented in thousands of stories and has been showing up for people for many, many years. She usually appears as an old woman, and often with a small white dog or often as a very beautiful younger woman. As a younger woman she may look like a glorious Hawaiian woman with raven locks and dark rich eyes, or she may have wild flying red hair and green eyes which represent her elements.

My First Meeting with Pele

Pele OfferingsI have never meant anyone with such freedom. She doesn’t hold anything back. The first time I met her, I was about 24 and I took my very first rent-a-car to Hawaii volcano park to visit Pele and take her some presents.  I brought incense, papayas and some gin, as I heard she liked that. I had no clue what I was doing but I was very sincere. Because I had no idea which part of the park to go to, I drove around and found a steaming fern laden ledge that looked like I could toss things over it into a crater below. I did not know if this was okay…but I did it.

I made a big golden, friendly, vibrational clairvoyant hello and I sent it to Pele. Then I clumsily tossed the papayas and incense over the edge and poured over the gin. I waited a few minutes. It took about 3 minutes and a hot wind came at me, and the defensive voice of a woman said: “Who are you and what do you want?!” In a not at all friendly voice. I was pretty intimidated…but I answered her and said, “I am just me & I only want to say hello”. (Clearly this was Pele!) She demanded that I tell her what I wanted from her. I told her very clearly: “nothing except to say hello.” That seemed to puzzle her and she simply left. I didn’t think that had gone very well; the wind fell out of my sails. I did not know what I had expected but it was something lighter than that. I thought, “Oh well,” and I left.

My Second Meeting with Pele

Eighteen months later I was back with a friend. We went to her main crater, Hale Mau’Mau. As soon as we arrived, with my third eye I saw a giant woman with wild red hair and big smile and she was excited to see me. She was very welcoming and friendly like we were good friends. That baffled me and I said, “I didn’t think you liked me last time I was here.” I was of course, very surprised that she remembered me. She told me, “Of course I remember you! You didn’t want anything, I just am not used to that. I’ve been thinking I liked it and wanted to see you again.” Wow, was I honored and amazed. It was an exhilarating experience.

I tell you that story as it may give you an insight as to her nature. Another time, I’ll tell you the whole of that story, but for this telling…you can see that she is kind, and strong, she is proud and fierce… a warrior of the first degree. She has seen a lot and does not trust easily. She demands respect. Pele has no ethics, yet she meets people at the vibration in which they meet her. She is a profound teacher, healer and above all she is a fierce volcano goddess. Pele is one of the most famous and well known goddesses currently recognized on Earth. No, I am not kidding. She is old but she is in present time. She is current. I can talk to the bank teller, the auto mechanic, the post office people, the neighbors, a stranger in a cafe….and everyone recognizes her. People who don’t, generally do not stay on the island long as it is a difficult energy for them to sustain themselves in if they don’t. I mean, hello, this is an active volcano…which brings us back to present time, May 2018, what is going on?

Pele GoddessBirthing a New Island

Being a goddess is liberating, yet generally comes with quite a bit of responsibility and instinctive qualities when one is a goddess of the Earth.

Pele sustains a constant flow of lava, and she has been birthing a new island in the Hawaiian island chain which is currently under water. It will not get to the surface in our lifetime. She is busy! Why is it getting more intense right now? Right now, 20 fissures have opened in the earth in the lands between her craters and the new island in the Pacific. As I write this 36 homes are gone, many cars and all kinds of spaces have been washed over with lava. Thus far, no one has been hurt….Pele doesn’t want to hurt us, however she does have tasks, besides the perpetuation of the island chain.

Pele keeps a constant vent flowing with lava; this helps to release toxic energy for the whole planet. Well, right now some things are happening that she is really angry about. She does not like cruelty, narcissism, sociopathic behaviors, war, discrimination, abuse, rage, hate, elitism (unless, she says, it is merited, lol!). She does not like nuclear warheads, liars, cheats and so many things that many people seem to accept… in strangely hypocritical ways. (OK! right now….I am simply telling you what she has told me, these are not my words, I am a messenger). She’s mad as a hornet. She is roaring and yet holding back as she must transmute this toxic energy, and at the same time try not to hurt anyone. Do you realize how hard that is? How impossible?


Pele must create on this Earth space for freedom and acts of beauty. Therefore, she must create space for those who are hurt or oppressed, trapped, disconnected, etc. to get free. Pele must cease the vibration of hate and she does it with lava, steam, smoke and gases. She told me the gases release many of the most intense toxic energies.

Pele is very sorry for all those on island being effected…but she has to blow of steam for the first chakra transgressions going on all over the Earth. She is trying to balance the energy, transform the darkness, burn it away and create more space for good will, and for light to shine in all places and for all people.

A Spiritual Perspective

As you consider what happening, it may simply look like Earth changes and destruction. Well if you see it that way, you are thinking like a human. You really have to consider it from the view of a volcano goddess. She has her marching orders… as a light being she is actively preventing terrible war and destruction by releasing the energies, by cleansing them through this first chakra island. For her, a few of us being fumigated is a small thing compared to a world of toxicity and control. When we step into perspective and see this from her view point, wow! Now, that is a lot to ask of the human body…the body is afraid of lava and gases – it’s real for our physical being. Of course we are sad for all whose livelihoods and homes have been or are being effected.

From the spiritual perspective, Pele is in a process of divine transmutation. She is providing a healing energetic that gives people all over this globe a chance to raise their vibration and live in a state of peace and growth.

Namaste to us all.
With love and Messenger-ism,
May we all be safe, experience healthy touch, positive growth, profound healing and realize love.
Lisa French

Lisa is the Founder of the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii. It was her training here that enabled her to see and communicate with Pele. You too can come and learn how!

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