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All of the classes we offer at the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii are grounded in some fundamental principles. These principles are what allow the Clairvoyant vibration to flow! Here are some of the fundamental principles we teach at the Clairvoyant Center:


Spiritual Kindergarten

One of the unique things about what we do and how we do it is we set a tone or frequency – a vibration – long before the class actually begins. This tone or frequency vibration allows you as a spirit a space to be in the class. We set the particular tone of our classes in what we call “psychic kindergarten”. In creating kindergarten, what we’re considering is safety, fun, simplicity, and freedom for each person to be themselves. People come from all different backgrounds and all different levels of education. In this energy level, each person is welcome exactly where they are; that means how much you know or don’t know about the Spiritual arena or anything else. It means where you are in your life right now, the kind of mood or energetic space you are in, or if you’re feeling great or not so great… It’s all OK to just be you! In Spiritual kindergarten we set a tone that reflects and supports that, supports you. You get to come as you are! No judgment. Beyond that many people say their favorite thing about it is that it’s fun.



Because nothing brings amusement like pictures of cute puppies. 🙂


Now, What happens inside of spiritual kindergarten is magic. We create a structure or container for each of us to learn and experience some vibrational and energetic tools. In this place we all begin to make great discoveries and experience the wonder within ourselves.



One of the tones that we include is what we fondly call “amusement” or simply having a sense of humor. One might consider that there’s already quite enough seriousness on this planet! Here, we’re learning how to let go of seriousness because it is a frozen vibration. When we do that, we begin to lighten our vibration, as we lighten our energy we are able to access freedom.


Your Own Energy Heals You

Now…a very interesting thing happens. Each person learns that there two kinds of energy: One is your own energy and the other is everyone else’s energy. It doesn’t matter what the intent of other peoples energy is, it simply matters that it doesn’t quite fit your energy body and it will create different forms of confusion or sometimes just static. When you begin to let go of all the energies that are not you and really have the energy in your body that is you, it’s quite exciting. This is the tone that we set in all of our classes! It is Magic! Here is the platform for beginning to discover more about yourself and having a unique set of answers for your life, that fit you well.


Spirit is Real!

When we’re teaching you, we’re teaching you the Spiritual being. You learn to use these tools on your physical body. What happens is you begin to create a tremendous, loving and kind communication with your body. You begin to be able to heal your body by knowing what is and isn’t you and how to let go of what you isn’t you. So all the classes are geared to teaching you the spirit.
You’re going to learn some wonderful things that allow you to use spiritual tools in ways that are fun, with no effort and lots of freedom. You begin to actually be able to see colors vibration and energy in a way that is truly exciting.


Curious about Clairvoyance…

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